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Hey, and thank you for your interest in the Scanner Tool, I have found that out of all my tools, this is the most essential.

What is a "Scanner"?

When you hear a bookseller talking about a scanner, it generally means that they have a PDA & Barcode Scanner system. The parts of the scanner include/are not limited to:

  • HP/Compaq IPAQ series PDA (lightly used)
  • Barcode Scanner (lightly used)
  • An SD Memory Card
  • Software: ASellerTool, Drivers and required software
  • Your customized AST Data

If you need more information about the scanners and how they work, shoot me an email!

How does it work?

After you have all of the essential tools, you will be able to download the pricing database for all ISBNs for books, and UPC codes for VHS, DVD, Music CD, software and games, and put them directly onto the SD card. When you type in the ISBN/UPC, or scan a barcode with a scanner, the pricing result is returned to you INSTANTLY on the PDA screen, or through sound notification.

Here's a video about how it works:

That was ASellerTools's Version 5 Video about how the scanners work.
(the newer Version 7 has 5 lowest prices and other improvements, see below)

Here is an example of how ASellerTool Version 5 looks:

How hard is it to obtain a Scanner?

If you are not expirenced with scanners, how they work and where to buy the parts, it can still be very difficult. You will be faced with the task of finding all the required parts, and having the technical knowledge required to assemble the scanner, tools, software, drivers and all components, and get it working.

It could take you weeks of effort and over $700-900 to complete the process on your own!

But I have a solution for you!

I have taken the time to find and assemble the parts, and make it work. So when you order from me, you'll recieve a fully functional scanner!

The hassle has been removed, as well as the high costs of a new system (or even Like New)!

Don't hesitate, be a first class bookseller with one click!

If you miss out on this, you will have spent much more MONEY selling worthless books by "taking a chance" then you would have spent investing in this invaluable tool!

Get one now!

How to get a scanner:

You can get the scanner by emailing or calling us:
Bob Willey []
1 (410) 251-8960

About Me

About Me.

I am located in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay (Land of Pleasant Living).

That is a little about me, thanks for listening (or reading...)

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